A little about us. We are: 


At the centre of the Bible, of the gospel and of the Christian life, is Jesus Christ. He is Lord and God and the only way of rescue for sinners. All that Oxford EPC will do will be centred on preaching Jesus Christ and living for Jesus Christ.

Bible based

The Bible is God’s word. This means that it is to be the foundation of everything we believe, preach and practice as a church. Oxford EPC will self-consciously preach and teach the whole counsel of God from the whole of God’s written word in Scripture.

Confessionally reformed

The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms are one of the best summaries of Biblical truth to have ever been written. Oxford EPC will be committed to them as their statement of faith and will seek to promote confessional Christianity in Oxford and beyond.

mission minded

The church exists to make, baptise and teach disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). Oxford EPC will have the outreach of the gospel, to and beyond Oxford, as part of its DNA. 

means of grace

The church of Christ has from its beginning been devoted to the apostles teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers (Acts 2:42). As such preaching, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and prayer, all in the context of the gathered church, make up the ‘means of grace’. Oxford EPC will have these means of grace at the heart of their worship, life and witness.

Warm-Hearted Presbyterianism

As a church plant of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales (EPCEW), Oxford EPC will be warm-hearted in its Presbyterianism. We will love sinners, encourage all who follow Jesus Christ and pray for other gospel churches in Oxford and beyond.

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