About us

Oxford EPC was planted in 2018 and we’re so thankful to God for the way he has built and established our community since then! We love gathering around his word, singing his praises, encouraging one another, and serving alongside others in the cause of Christ in Oxford.

Our Church

Oxford EPC is a church of ordinary, less-than-ordinary people, seeking to put Jesus first – to sit under, enjoy, and obey his word; to bless and encourage his people with fellowship and support; to reach out with the news of his amazing initiative to save to those who don’t yet know him; and in all these ways to grow up into his image and embrace the priorities of his kingdom.

Our Team

Oxford EPC has a staff team of three: our minister, Andy Young; our women’s worker, Robin Price, and our Ministry Assistant, Neil Martin.

Our elders are Andy Young and David Pfeiffer. Our trustees are Andy Young and David Pfeiffer and James Horgan.

Our Faith

The Christian gospel is more than just the best news you’ve ever heard. In the words of Rico Tice, it’s like hearing that ‘war has ended’! The peace with God that it offers can be your peace.