The Good News

The word ‘gospel’ is more than the best news you have ever heard. It is like “war has ended”! (Rico Tice, Minister in London). The peace with God that this good news offers can be your peace …


A jailer in the city of Philippi asked Paul and Silas (some of the inmates he was guarding!) what he must do to be saved from God's wrath?

Paul responded:

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you and your family, and you will be saved! (Acts 16:30-31).


When you believe…

When you accept the claims of Jesus...
When you receive the offer of peace with God…
When you rest on Christ alone for your salvation …
… then your sins are forgiven,
… you are made right with God,
… you are welcomed into his family,
… and you are promised life after death.

Who would not want this?

To hear the good news and not to accept it is like hearing that there is a cure for your terminal disease and refusing to take it. You and I must put our faith in Jesus Christ and make the good news overcome the bad news. Make the good news “our” news. Make the good news “my” news – that Jesus has died and risen for me.

So what are you waiting for?

Receive rescue from your lost-ness
healing for your brokenness
and forgiveness for your sinfulness

All in the best news you will ever hear – which is the gospel news about Jesus Christ!

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