Women's Ministry

The women of Oxford Pres care deeply for one another and for our church family. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are lovingly committed to sharing our lives with one another as we grow in practicing our faith. We are passionate about supporting one another through physical help, through spiritual guidance and mentoring, and through heartfelt prayer as we seek to glorify God in our day-to-day experience.

We create opportunities to spend time together in many ways. But whether we are lingering long after worship services, sharing a meal, walking in the park, studying scripture, gathering for an event, or praying together, our desire is to grow in authenticity with one another and in our earnest love for the Lord and for our church. Our friendships are not merely socially fulfilling (though we enjoy relaxing and having fun together!), but they are also spiritually uplifting.

We invite you to walk with us as we grow in our fellowship with one another and as our sisterhood contributes beautifully to the unity of our church and to the glory of Christ. Together we can create a welcoming atmosphere and a trustworthy community in which each woman will be cared for in her need, will be celebrated in her joys, will be comforted in her sorrows, and will be encouraged in her challenges. My prayer is that, as we engage with God’s Truth together and lean on one another, we will rejoice as we see our lives being transformed by Christ.

Robin Price, Women’s Worker
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2024 Women’s Gatherings & Events

Events include Prayer triplets, Coffee meet-ups, Christmas events, Bible studies, Overnight retreats, and more!

Please contact Robin Price for more information: 01865 238307

Summer 2024

Meet-ups for OxPres women.


Friday 12 July
Brunch @ Jacobs & Field, 10:00am

Saturday 20 July
Hinksey Park Playground, 1:00pm (kids welcome)

Thursday 25 July
Berry Picking @ Rectory Farms, 10:00am (kids welcome)


Friday 2 August
Cutteslowe Park Playground, 10:00am (kids welcome)

Saturday 17 August
Charm Café @ Oxfam Superstore, 9:30am

Thursday 22 August
Gail’s Bakery Jericho, 7:30am

2024 Women’s Retreat

When: October 25–26
Where: St. Katharine’s Retreat House

Bible Studies

For the 2023-2024 year, we will meet monthly, using the book Identity Theft to guide our study of the Bible.

The women of our church have a great love for God’s Word and a desire to know it more deeply and to apply it more fully. Though we are each starting at a different level of Bible literacy, the great banquet of scripture holds much encouragement for us all! God’s Holy Spirit uses our study to guide us to deeper trust in Him and more earnest love for one another.

We use inductive Bible study methods that train us to see God’s Word with discerning eyes and to notice more detail and more connections in scripture. It helps us grow in our ability to rightly interpret God’s truth, maintaining the purity of our faith. If you would like to learn more about our women’s Bible study groups or about sound Bible study practices, please contact Robin.

Wednesdays, 7:30pm
– 17 Jan
– 21 Feb
– 20 Mar
– 17 April
– 22 May
– 19 June

– OR –

Fridays, 10am
– 19 Jan
– 23 Feb
– 22 Mar
– 19 April
– 24 May
– 21 June