Undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals at Oxford Pres meet together at 7pm on Tuesday nights for pizza and Bible study once every two weeks during the University term.

Rooted is a biweekly event for students and young professionals, providing regular opportunities to meet and develop friendships, and to tackle important theological, exegetical, and ethical questions with the Bible open. The event divides into two parts, the first focussed on eating and chatting, the second on reading, praying, and discussing, with opportunities for follow on conversations and fellowship afterwards.

Mixing undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals maintains our focus on diversity as a key attribute of church, and offers exciting opportunities for crosspollination of ideas and support.

Once every three years we aim to offer a complete narrative overview of the Bible story. Other series have covered challenging issues in contemporary apologetics and Christian philosophy, biblical interpretation as practiced by Jesus in the gospels, doubt, guidance, the nature and work of the Holy Spirit, mental health etc. etc. We’re always open to suggestions from the group.

This term we’re going to be digging deep into some amazing passages in the gospels. Here’s the programme:


Michaelmas: Gospels in Context

Tuesday 12th Oct
Two Ways to Leave Home
Luke 15.11-31 in context
Tuesday 26th Oct
Expecting Eternity in Day-to-Day Reality
Luke 17.20-37 in context
Tuesday 9th Nov
Following Jesus when it’s Confusing
John 9 in context
Tuesday 23rd Nov
Measuring Success by the Cross
John 19 in context

All meetings happen at 7-9pm at the Friends Meeting House

Want to find more about Rooted? Contact Neil or Click here to listen to a recent recording.