Join Us

Oxford EPC meets at 10:30am and 5pm every Sunday. All are welcome! We also get together on Thursday nights at 7:30pm for Bible study and fellowship – a meeting that transforms, once a month, into our Reformed Creeds and Confessions Study Group. 


During the University term our undergraduate and postgraduate students meet bi-weekly on Tuesday nights to enjoy food and Bible study. The women of the church also meet regularly for prayer (and when the guys get their act together, they’ll be following their good example!)

Join us on Sundays

10:30am Service

Our morning services are at St Luke’s Chapel (Oxford OX2 6HT).

Sunday 23rd January – 1030am Order of Service (PDF)

5pm Service

Our evening service is in the spacious garden at the Friends Meeting House (Oxford OX1 3LW).

Sunday 23rd January- 5pm Order of Service (PDF)

All services are live-streamed to YouTube.



Midweek groups give us the opportunity to support and encourage one another as we serve and follow Jesus, to enjoy one other’s company, and to be stretched and grow as we study God’s word, and to lift our prayers to God together as a community.


Undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals at Oxford Pres meet together at 7pm on Tuesday nights for pizza and Bible study once every two weeks during the University term.


Oxford is an international cultural hub, hosting conferences and seminars every year that explore and shape social trends and drive forward cutting-edge research. We believe the Christian gospel belongs at the heart of this discussion, engaging constructively with the questions of the day, and posing questions of its own that inspire us and challenge our assumptions.

At Oxford EPC we’re committed to organising and sponsoring events that let Jesus’ voice be heard in the debates that animate our city.


Oxford EPC is still quite a young church (services began in September 2018) and all of us know what it feels like to be newcomers and how important it is to help newcomers quickly feel at home. Whether you’re from the UK or from abroad, whether you’re moving here permanently, or for a degree course, or for just a term, we would love to welcome you into our church family.

Huge numbers of people arrive in and leave Oxford every year. We see it as part of our mission to help you find community, support, and to make your time here not just intellectually, but also spiritually, invigorating.

Our church services follow a traditional pattern – incorporating prayer, singing, confessions of sin, confessions of faith, and expository Bible teaching. We are very relaxed and young children are welcome at all our services.

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